Sunday, January 19, 2014

Today is the kind of day you look forward in Iowa in January-above normal temps and abundant sunshine.  Since deciding to knit sweaters it has come to my attention that I need bigger project bags.  A year or so ago I made some using this tutorial on youtube .  I have found this pattern to be easily understandable since I a not much of a seamstress and can be sized smaller for your project bag needs.  My only changes include no drawstring to tighten.  Instead adding loops of 2 sizes for a closure.  I have one more bag in the works I will try to post when it is done.
My next inspiration is to make feed sack totes.  This struck a chord with me as we live on a farm and have a selection of feed sacks.  These could be reusable shopping bags, they could be used at the pool etc.
I have decided the next sweater to knit  I am using Cascade 128 in the Blue Velvet colorway.  Let me know what you are crafting.

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