Sunday, February 23, 2014

Patience is a virtue.  My parents would say that to me when I was a kid.  Still true today.  I am yearning for nicer weather and last week we were lucky enough to have a couple days to melt the snow and now we are on the way back into the deep freeze not able to get above freezing for the balance of this coming week.  
I started a new sweater knitting project.  I actually can read and usually fairly well but after four restarts on this sweater I was beginning to doubt it.  Just this afternoon I realize I made yet another mistake( that I am deeming a design element).  I have decided this one is workable and I can continue past it.  This sweater is the first one to have sleeves-at first I thought I must secretly be afraid of them (and hence the mistakes). YIKES!!
After all that frustration I decided to try my hand at a little cooking.  I decided a few weeks ago to cook meals ahead on the weekend to make weeknight meals easier.  It really does work.  Today I baked a turkey, made side dishes, coffeecake and made a quick snack.  For those of you who enjoy the sweet and salty combo here is a fast recipe for you:  Fast almond bark pretzels.
Almond bark
parchment paper and quart size zip top freezer bag
Take 1/2 a standard size bag of pretzels any shape will do and lay out on 2 pieces of parchment paper one layer thick.
Open plastic bag.
Take 1/2 package of almond bark and place in microwave bowl  microwave 60 seconds stir and another 20-30 to completely melt.
Pour melted bark into plastic bag, cut off a small bottom corner and quickly drizzle bark over pretzels.  Let cool, break up and enjoy.  We store ours in another zip topped storage bag gallon sized.  Recipe can be doubled.
Have you had any opportunities to cultivate any patience this week?

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