Saturday, February 8, 2014

This week has been busy.  My teenagers both belong to a local 4-H club and they show (among other things) poultry.  The first batch of baby chicks arrived in the mail.  Since it has been so cold this winter we needed a warm place with a heat lamp and the chicks began their life of luxury in out basement.  The good news is that the weather is to moderate and the chicks will be moved midweek to the next location outside with a heat lamp in predator proof quarters.

My oldest signed up for his first try at the college ACT test.  It was an eye-opener for me as the required paperwork is quite lengthy. The college planning process is new to this household and I hope we are not missing any big things.  We will be finding out at the end of the month if he will be inducted into the Torch Club as well as his senior year class schedule.

I am fed up with the snow and cold.  I went back to the fabric store and went a little crazy buying more material for knitting project bags all in Spring colors/themes.  Today I packed up all my store bought sweaters(except one for Valentine's Day).  This week I plan to change out my snowflake dishes for spring flower themed ones and take the snowflake sheets off the bed.  I am quite ready for the season to change and for warmer weather to arrive.

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