Saturday, April 26, 2014

A lot has happened this week. 
A.  I have turned another year older the big 45.
B.  I have decided to continue with a goal I set previously in the year to spin enough fiber specifically for a sweater.
C.  I went to the First Annual Stache Dash 5k in out town that our local high school put on to raise money for school supplies to be sent to Africa.
So I have sorted through my fiber stash for fiber to use to start the spinning in May.  I plan to train for my first 5k in the next year.  I started training last fall but became derailed over the winter.  When restarting back pain limiting me in both the running and walking.  That seems to be somewhat better (we will see how well I can sleep tonight).  I figure there is no better time than the present.  Do I intend to win- no just respectably finish the race.  I plan to start and finish the sweater quantity of spinning.  Then this time next year can find me another year older, stronger and on the way to more projects. 
P.S.  I even bought a copy of Runner's World today.

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