Saturday, May 31, 2014

Spring Cleaning Better Late Than Never

The holiday 3 day weekend last weekend started it all.  I had enough time to slow down a nd look around my home and it was apparent that our home needed spring cleaning and I should lead the way.  I began by organizing my craft area in my bedroom-emptying project bags, putting needles and patterns away and putting odd bits of leftover yarn in their rightful place.  When I finished that I was so pleased I went on to my bedroom closet (aka the other yarn spot)  and organized patterns and books.  From there I opened up my summer clothes and sorted into the 1.  need ironing pile, 2.  the give away pile and the rest on hangers.  I then refilled the summer bin with winter clothes to take back into storage. 
Today my daughter and I started to work on her room.  As a teenager she has little time between sports, 4-H, trap shooting and school event to do a thorough cleaning.  We started with her chest of drawers, then to the closet hanging items, closet shelves and around to her bed.  At about this point we both needed a break from sorting and folding and went for ice cream and to purchase more storage containers.  What the world would be like without lidded storage containers is any ones guess but I know my house would not look near so tidy. 
P.S.  No, I will not be sharing the photos- just know if this cleaning and organizing streak continues I will likely be back for more plastic bins...

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