Saturday, August 16, 2014

Making Friends

Last weekend I set out on yet another new adventure.  My husband and I went to Chicago.  He went his way to spend time with family and I went to Stitches Midwest.  In the weeks before the trip I let podcast listeners know I was planning on attending and I started to put together information about the podcast, blog and how to find me on Ravelry.  I decided upon this approach in order to make more contacts for the podcast, increase numbers in my ravelry group, and to make more friends.  I decided on business cards and added handmade stitch markers to the edge. First, I searched Vista Print for designs and sent in the order.  Then I needed to learn how to make stitch markers for knitting projects so off to You Tube I went.  After viewing a variety of how to videos I started the search for materials.  I ended up ordering from three sites online for a variety of beads, tools and the proper adhesive.  Upon their arrival, I started the design process and re-watched a few of the how to videos and started in bending wire.  By the end of a long weekend I had a ring made for almost every business card I ordered.  In the days right before departure I attached the stitch marker and secured them in a small cardboard box.  I know what you must be thinking (I likely forgot to bring them), I did remember.  My goal was to hand out several and I did just that to a few of the vendors, some of the shoppers, and at the podcaster meetup on Saturday.  I have already been in contact with a few of the people I met and I am making friends that have similar interests.  The take away from today's post is all about getting out there and meeting people.  The more friends the better!

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