Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Rain Before the Storm

 These are a series of pictures that sum up over a week of weather.  We have had several days of clouds, drizzle and intermittent storms.  I have about had my fill and I think my livestock feels the same way.  It makes chores harder, the animals  spend less time grazing and the parasites that can harm them just love it.  I enjoy the walks out in the pasture with the animals.  In the last photo you can see some hope for better weather for today.  I will keep my fingers crossed!

Monday, August 15, 2016


We have two young peach trees and we planted them two years ago.  In spite of a few hours of below freezing temperatures in April this year, they produced the farm's first ever peaches.  That being said, one of the trees made a nice home to a nest of robins.

This is the smallest of the trees.  It started with three peaches and ended up with two.  
This last week we picked all eleven peaches from the trees.  We are them fresh-sorry no new recipes.  Maybe next harvest.