Monday, December 4, 2017


These photos may not look like much however, they tell the start of a tale.  On my walk the last few days there has been warmer than usual weather.  It has been calm with minimal wind and a lot of sunshine.  The weather forecasters are warning about an abrupt change in the weather- and I believe them.  Today has been mostly cloudy and quite a bit windier.  The temps are again way above normal for us at 68 right now.  Tomorrow the predicted high temperature is to be 38!  That is actually below average.  Funny how averages work.  I am, perhaps one last time, going for a walk outside.  I noticed these dandelions blooming and stopped to marvel at their fortitude to continue to bloom this late in the season.  Sudden weather changes have been interesting to me. 
I have taken today to reflect on the change of seasons, plan meals for this week, shop for groceries, and start moving furniture making room for the Christmas tree.  Decorating will commence very soon.  Looking forward to family arriving home and all the craziness that will ensue.

Hopefully this post will find you taking time to relax, reflect and planning to celebrate.

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