Sunday, December 15, 2019

Cinnamon Stars

This is one of my favorite favorite projects.  The Designer is Plum Street Samplers.  I modified it just a bit and I shuffled the colors in the stars to what suited my fancy at the time.  Ivory Aida 14 count (I think).  Remember I started this fall 2018.  This is one of my Stitch 9 projects this year.  I plan to have it framed.  The colors are all DMC listed in the pattern.  Since there are so many I will not list them all here.

Not Quite Finished

Another cute fall favorite is by Hands On Design.  This design is called Autumn Skies.  It includes two patterns and I started the pillow.  Included is the felt strips to finish.  The colors used are all DMC 733, 598, 646, and 3776.  I think I found a new favorite DMC in 598 the light blue used.  Stitched on coffee/ tea dyed Aida.  
I look forward to stitching the companion pattern.  

Playing Catch-up

Fall stitching finished.  I found myself too busy to post at the time.  I am going with the motto" Better late than never".

First up is a Lizzie Kate design Halloween Sampler.  Stitched in 14 count Aida coffee/ tea dyed.  I used most of the called for DMC flosses listed.  B5200, 310, 413, 445, 315, 340, 647, 703, 712, 729, 829, 920, 930, 937, 971, 3687, and 3740 made the list.  I think you could easily luck from your stash and substitute colors.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Lizzie Kate Buzzy String

This cross-stitch pattern comes from Lizzie Kate.  Buzzy String  is stitched on 14 count Aida, Toast colorway. The flosses are all the called for DMC.  I have purchased several of the string patterns.  They are very fast for quick gratification.  Maybe you too can pick one up and start it today.  

Cross-stitching Farm Style

This piece was quite fun to stitch.  The design is by Hands On Design.  Star Spangled Swine Farm is stitched on chalkboard black Aida fabric 14 count.  The flosses are the called for colors The Gentle Art chalk and shutter green, Classic Colorworks licorice red, sea Shelley, Weeks Dye Works glacial melt and DMC 3852.  
If you enjoy stitching farm related themes I encourage you to give this pattern a try.

Holiday Hoopla 4th of July Style

This pattern by With Thy Needle & Thread was much sought-after.  I had to search several online sites as it was frequently sold out.  The only specialty floss is whisper floss by Rainbow Gallery.  This floss really brings out dimension to the beard.  I modified the pattern a bit from the original.  All other flosses were DMC:. 3771, 783, 322, 3781, 712, 304, and 930.  I really like 304- it makes a fabulous red.  

Jolly July Start and August Finish

This year I stitched along with The Fat Quarter Shop and The Real Housewives of Cross-stitch during July.  I started this pattern by Little House Needleworks called Deer Valley Inn.  I modified the pattern to suit the recipient.  DMC flosses utilized 869, ecru, 3777, 434, 730, 3371, and 841.  I plan to finish this piece as a pillow that will go in a winter holiday display.  

Thinking of Cooler Temperatures

This will eventually be made into a small pillow that will decorate the table during the cooler months of the year.  The cross-stitch pattern is by Little House Needleworks, called Hot Cocoa.  Aida fabric coffee- tea dyed.  The flosses are all the called for colors and all DMC (434, 801, 936, 3721, 3862, and ecru.
This stitched up quickly and is adorable!!  Happy Stitching!

Summer 2019 Finishes

I started the cutest pattern Little Summer Fling by Luhu Stitches.  I just love fresh, juicy strawberries and this one looks good enough to bite.  I used coffee/ tea dyed Aida 14 count.  The flosses are all DMC:. B5200, 321, 819, 520, and 743.  The colors just pop!  

Saturday, July 13, 2019

More Stitchmaynia Finishes

This was a fun and quick stitch project from Lizzie Kate.  The pattern is included in the Yankee Doodles leaflet.  I used all DMC.  The thread colors are:. 304, 712, 930, and 322 per the pattern instructions.  Coffee/ tea dyed Aida fabric used.  

This is a Rovaris chart with a farm theme that fits me perfectly.  I used all the called for DMC flosses as shown in the photo.  I did modify the chart slightly from the published pattern.  I am not sure what element I like the best:  the bee skep, the flowers or the chicken.  Fabric is Fiddler's Aida 16 count in life oatmeal.  
When I first saw this chart I just knew I would have to stitch it!  I hope you like it too.  
Happy Stitching!

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Stitchmaynia 2019

Feeling like stitching a little summer.

The next of the stitchmaynia projects to be completed is Sunshine on a Stem by Hands on Design.  Stitched on 18 count ivory Aida stitched one over one.  DMC flosses were used 729, 3781, 3341, 420 and 931. A fun and very fast project.  The felt was included with the pattern.  Written instructions were given.  

Stitchmaynia 2019

First project started is from Heart in Hand Needleart.  The April pattern is the design that pulled me in the most.  I love the color orange and those carrots are the best!! DMC colors:. Blanc, 3031, 721, 935, 921, 676, 471 and 382.  Classic Colorworks candied yams also utilized.i encourage you to check out Heart in Hand Needleart patterns in your local shop or online.

Stitchmaynia 2019 Heart in Hand continued

The Square Dance patterns by Heart in Hand continued with May flowers.  Stitched on coffee/ tea dyed 14 count Aida cloth.  DMC 676, 3052, Blanc and 3031.  Classic Colorworks floss candied yams, Carrie berry, pink Posey, and strawberry parfait were used.  I appreciate that many floss colors are carried through several different designs.

Stitchmaynia 2019

Heart in Hand craze continues!!  The square Dance patterns released this year really caught my eye!! This is the month of June.  I utilized a variety of flosses.   DMC Blanc and 341, 3031, 612 and 932.  Classic Colorworks  flosses in blacksmith blue, Carrie berry, pink Posey and strawberry parfait added subtle variegation to the stitching.  Have you ever seen popcicles like these?  Fantastic!!

Stitchmaynia 2019

I fell in love with Heart in Hand designs this year.  I stitched several for stitchmaynia.  The February pattern in the new Square Dance Collection was first.  I stitched on coffee/tea dyed Aida 14 count with two strands of floss.  The colors were DMC Blanc and 3031 as well as Classic Colorworks: pink Posey, strawberry parfait, licorice red and carrie berry.  What a cute and fun project.  I have an idea how I woukdike to fully finish it, so stay tuned.  

Stitchmaynia 2019

Another very sweet cross stitch project came from October House Fiber Arts.  The designer also dyes yarn!! She has cute patterns some of which are knitting themed.  I stitched this pattern - You are Loved on 18 count Aida 1 over one with size 26 needles.  The colors are all DMC:. 3712, 3833, 3779 and 963.  The links are so pretty!

Stitchmaynia 2019

I decided to start 10 projects for the month of May during Stitchmaynia.  

This one modified from the original pattern by The Primitive Hare:  Summer Solostice.  I stitched on 14 count coffee/tea dyed Aida with two strands of DMC floss.  The colors are:. 832, 834, 310, 938 and 640.  This is the first time I used StitchyPop ball tip cross stitch needles and enjoyed it quite a bit!

The next several posts will all be about the new starts and some finishes!

Spring Stitching

Farm Fresh Cherries

Pattern Farm Fresh Cherries by Little House Needleworks what a fun project for March!  I used DMC colors:. 640, 822, 3051, 869, 3857, 3045, 3031, 934, 356 and 3777.  Stitched on 18 count Picture This Plus Jade Aida.  

Sunday, April 14, 2019

New Babies

The month of March ushered in our new lambs.  We are a small farm that raise Columbia and Rambouillet sheep and their crosses.  Most are naturally colored but a few are solid white. 

The above photo is of a flashy brother/sister set if twins. 

This photo( above) is of several lambs enjoying hay.

This photo is of a pretty ewe lamb.  Her twin looks nearly identical also a ewe lamb.  Her mom gave us a beautiful solid black Columbia fleece. 
New lambs are just so fun to watch! 

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Waiting for Spring

We have been having a long tough winter with lots of snow, ice and cold temperatures.  I have really been longing for warmer weather.  With that in mind I stitched another Lizzie Kate design.  This pattern is Spring String.  I stitched it all in fancy floss colors by Classic Colorworks.  The colors are:. Black Coffee, Brown Sugar, Pumpkin Harvest, Straw Hat, Queen Bee, Rain Shower, Bean Sprout, Rosy Glow, Eggshell, and Ladybug.  I credit The Real Housewives of Cross Stitch specifically Priscilla for the color choices.  If you enjoy watching YouTube you may want to check out their channel.  

Monday, March 4, 2019

Feb Word Play

This pattern is by Brenda Gervais.  The fabric is Aida 16 count.  I used a variety of DMC flosses- some were inherited from my mother in law.  The floss colors 677, 347, 932, 3790, 605, 829, 869, 900, 3011, 945, 832 and 3021.  

I plan to start the March Word Play soon.  Happy Stitching!

January Word Play

I found designer Brenda Gervais and her beautiful patterns last year.  I started purchasing her monthly word play patterns and I have started stitching.  I converted fancy floss colors to DMC or picked DMC that I liked and started.  The DMC colors are 775, 3777, Blanc white, 3829, 976, 3826, 3721 and 3033.  18 count Aida fabric in antique white was utilized.  I am very pleased with the outcome.

Sunday, March 3, 2019


This is a pattern by The Primitive Hare.  Valentine was stitched in 14 count white opal fabric.  I just love these DMC colors 498 is the solid and 107 is the variegated.  I have stitched and finished this before as a gift to my mom.  

I will eventually make a pillow out if it.  The photo does not do it justice.  Maybe you too can stitch this design to see just what I mean.  Happy stitching.

Christmas Theme Stitching

I really enjoy smaller stitching projects and often Lizzie Kate patterns can fit that need.  With this stitch Tiny Tidings XXII pattern booklet there are a variety of options.  First I thought I would go with Merry Christmas.  14 count Aida fabric coffee/ tea dyed at home.  DMC floss was utilized - 3687, 500, 310, Blanc white, 221, 498, 580, and 367.  I plan to keep the remaining floss together so I will be a step ahead to start another design from Tiny Tidings.

Winter Stitchin'

Another one of Lizzie Kate's designs , Merry String.  Stitched in 14 count Aida dyed with Rit Dye here at home.  I stitched in mostly the called for DMC colors-  321, 367, 3846(I love this turquoise), 434, 712, 500, 987, 989, 3712 and 221.  A very enjoyable stitch indeed.  

Thinking of Snow

This is a Lizzie Kate pattern that I just love!  I stitched it during #ilovetostitch challenge.  This pattern is Snowy String.  I stitched it on 14 count Aida fabric that I dyed.  The DMC colors are 936, 712, 898, 606, 310, 783 and 3848.  

Maybe you too dream of the snow and may stitch this as well.

A Cross Stitch FFO

In the world of cross stitch an FFO stands for a fully finished object.  I enjoy cross stitch ING but I get hung up on the fully finishing part.  I did complete this pattern by Hands On Design 16 count white Aida fabric.  DMC floss colors 801, 601 and 3806.  A very enjoyable quick stitch.  

 I hope you too can stitch this cute pattern.  Happy stitching! 

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Interlocking Loops Crafty Bingo

This crafty/maker bingo is new this year.  It is starting retroactive Jan1st, 2019 and ends Sept 1st, 2019.  You can find the rules on Ravelry The InterlockingLoops Podcast Group thread.  Please print a copy to keep track of your Bingo.  Complete as many spaces as you can.  There will be a drawing at the conclusion.  Definitions for some of the spaces are also in the Ravelry thread.  Happy Crafting!

Crafty Bingo Card

Saturday, February 9, 2019


This past year we grew corn in the garden specifically for grinding into cornmeal.  We purchased our Mock mill 100 last year. 

The corn was left until fairly dry on the plant and removed in October.  It further dried in our garage until January.  The following photos show the corn cobs, the mill and the final product.  The mill is a little on the loud side but it works exactly as described in the manual.  Here is to more baking!

Planning to try it again this year.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Dying Cross-stitch Fabric

In order to start some new cross-stitch projects, I needed fabric, right?  I did not have in my stash exactly what I was looking for.  I decided to try my hand at dying the fabic with Rit due this time.  I used hot water and filled up my large slow cooker( I have this one exclusively for dying) halfway and put it on high.  I used a capfull of Rit all purpose dye liquid in the aquamarine colorway, adding it to the Crock-Pot and 1/4 cup of salt(consult the dye package directions).  I first tried a piece of 18 count Aida left it set in the dye 20 minutes.  It was a bit too dark for what I had in mind.  I also decided 14 count would be best for the project I had in mind.  My second attempt was to overdye some coffee/tea stained Aida.  I left it in the dye bath about 10 minutes.  This attempt yeilded more if a dirty teal(seen in the middle of the photo).  My last attempt was with a large chunk of white 14 count Aida.  I scrunched it up and left it soaking about 3 minutes.  I knew with rinsing it would lighten up just a bit.  I hung each to dry over the bathtub after they were rinsed in cold water.  The following photo shows all three attempts.  The very lightest one will be utilized in my next project.  I should mention, I used the same dye bath for all pieces and dyed one right after the other.  

This was a fun project for the day.  You too may want to give it a try.

Until next time happy making!