Sunday, January 6, 2019

Dying Cross-stitch Fabric

In order to start some new cross-stitch projects, I needed fabric, right?  I did not have in my stash exactly what I was looking for.  I decided to try my hand at dying the fabic with Rit due this time.  I used hot water and filled up my large slow cooker( I have this one exclusively for dying) halfway and put it on high.  I used a capfull of Rit all purpose dye liquid in the aquamarine colorway, adding it to the Crock-Pot and 1/4 cup of salt(consult the dye package directions).  I first tried a piece of 18 count Aida left it set in the dye 20 minutes.  It was a bit too dark for what I had in mind.  I also decided 14 count would be best for the project I had in mind.  My second attempt was to overdye some coffee/tea stained Aida.  I left it in the dye bath about 10 minutes.  This attempt yeilded more if a dirty teal(seen in the middle of the photo).  My last attempt was with a large chunk of white 14 count Aida.  I scrunched it up and left it soaking about 3 minutes.  I knew with rinsing it would lighten up just a bit.  I hung each to dry over the bathtub after they were rinsed in cold water.  The following photo shows all three attempts.  The very lightest one will be utilized in my next project.  I should mention, I used the same dye bath for all pieces and dyed one right after the other.  

This was a fun project for the day.  You too may want to give it a try.

Until next time happy making!