Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Waiting for Spring

We have been having a long tough winter with lots of snow, ice and cold temperatures.  I have really been longing for warmer weather.  With that in mind I stitched another Lizzie Kate design.  This pattern is Spring String.  I stitched it all in fancy floss colors by Classic Colorworks.  The colors are:. Black Coffee, Brown Sugar, Pumpkin Harvest, Straw Hat, Queen Bee, Rain Shower, Bean Sprout, Rosy Glow, Eggshell, and Ladybug.  I credit The Real Housewives of Cross Stitch specifically Priscilla for the color choices.  If you enjoy watching YouTube you may want to check out their channel.  

Monday, March 4, 2019

Feb Word Play

This pattern is by Brenda Gervais.  The fabric is Aida 16 count.  I used a variety of DMC flosses- some were inherited from my mother in law.  The floss colors 677, 347, 932, 3790, 605, 829, 869, 900, 3011, 945, 832 and 3021.  

I plan to start the March Word Play soon.  Happy Stitching!

January Word Play

I found designer Brenda Gervais and her beautiful patterns last year.  I started purchasing her monthly word play patterns and I have started stitching.  I converted fancy floss colors to DMC or picked DMC that I liked and started.  The DMC colors are 775, 3777, Blanc white, 3829, 976, 3826, 3721 and 3033.  18 count Aida fabric in antique white was utilized.  I am very pleased with the outcome.

Sunday, March 3, 2019


This is a pattern by The Primitive Hare.  Valentine was stitched in 14 count white opal fabric.  I just love these DMC colors 498 is the solid and 107 is the variegated.  I have stitched and finished this before as a gift to my mom.  

I will eventually make a pillow out if it.  The photo does not do it justice.  Maybe you too can stitch this design to see just what I mean.  Happy stitching.

Christmas Theme Stitching

I really enjoy smaller stitching projects and often Lizzie Kate patterns can fit that need.  With this stitch Tiny Tidings XXII pattern booklet there are a variety of options.  First I thought I would go with Merry Christmas.  14 count Aida fabric coffee/ tea dyed at home.  DMC floss was utilized - 3687, 500, 310, Blanc white, 221, 498, 580, and 367.  I plan to keep the remaining floss together so I will be a step ahead to start another design from Tiny Tidings.

Winter Stitchin'

Another one of Lizzie Kate's designs , Merry String.  Stitched in 14 count Aida dyed with Rit Dye here at home.  I stitched in mostly the called for DMC colors-  321, 367, 3846(I love this turquoise), 434, 712, 500, 987, 989, 3712 and 221.  A very enjoyable stitch indeed.  

Thinking of Snow

This is a Lizzie Kate pattern that I just love!  I stitched it during #ilovetostitch challenge.  This pattern is Snowy String.  I stitched it on 14 count Aida fabric that I dyed.  The DMC colors are 936, 712, 898, 606, 310, 783 and 3848.  

Maybe you too dream of the snow and may stitch this as well.

A Cross Stitch FFO

In the world of cross stitch an FFO stands for a fully finished object.  I enjoy cross stitch ING but I get hung up on the fully finishing part.  I did complete this pattern by Hands On Design 16 count white Aida fabric.  DMC floss colors 801, 601 and 3806.  A very enjoyable quick stitch.  

 I hope you too can stitch this cute pattern.  Happy stitching!