Sunday, July 29, 2018

Summer Cross Stitch

As readers if the blog may make note,  I do like to stitch Lizzie Kate and this is another Lizzie Kate pattern- Summer Smalls.  Stitched on 14 count Aida in Antique White fabric.  The colors are DMC and one specialty floss Whisper White distributed by Rainbow Gallery.  DMC floss colors are:. 413, 310, 3052, 730, 3803, 3687, and 834.  I did make some changes in the colors by putting in the yellow color.  I just love yellow- it says summertime to me.  

I do have plans to eventually make at least one more pattern in this brochure.

Stitching on the 4th if July

This patriotic cross stitch was also completed this month.  I stitched on 14 count Aida fabric in the antique white color.  All floss colors were DMC:. 311, 223, 3051, 3031, 801 and 3777.  This was a fast project that I plan to display as a completed pillow along with other patriotic theme decorations.  

Patriotic Stitching

Pattern is America by Threadwork Primitives.  stitched all in DMC floss colors are:. 930, 355, and 739.  The fabric is 14 count Aida in antique white.  

Very pleased with how it turned out.  I intend to make a pillow for display.  

Friday, June 15, 2018

Last Start of Stitchmaynia

This pattern is entitled Land of Liberty by Brenda Gervais.  I started this cross stitch pattern on May 28, Memorial Day.  

I think it is 16 count Aida.  The DMC colors are  498, ecru, 645, 336, 610, 783, 3774, 311, Blanc, 310, and 612.  The pattern was not stitched according to pattern but only by mistake.  I did change the colors and stitching ofvthe dog to mimic our dogs at home.

Happy stitching!  

Farmhouse Christmas

This is the reason for diving back into cross stitch after 30 years.  I fell in love with this pattern when I saw it being stitched on Instagram.  It is one if a nine part series.  Floss colors are 422, 310, 535, 648, 99 and an unknown brown likely also DMC.  There is one color of J.P. Coats 235 from old stash.  


The fabric is Aida 14 count in the toast color.  

What a great stitch!!  I adjusted some if the colors, especially the sheep, to make them look more like our natural coloreds here on the farm.

I look forward to stitching more of the designs in this series.

Happy stitching!

More Summer Inspired Stitching

Lizzie Kate Summer Smalls patterns #182.  I had trouble deciding which cute pattern to start...and the winner is Berries.  

The DMC floss colors are 580, 3803, 834, 932, Blanc, 435, and 3687.  14 count Aida anitque white.  

Looking forward to starting the next pattern- hint watermelon sounds refreshing...

Happy stitching!

Stitchmaynia Craze

This pattern is another one of my stitchmaynia starts this year.  This is also my first year to participate in stitchmaynia.  I planned to start a new pattern every four days resulting in eight starts.  Since I am a newish cross stitcher I focused on simpler small patterns.  I was able to finish all but one start during the month.  

This pattern also started my inability to follow colors.  Truly on accident I changed the color placement and I did leave off the words.  Lizzie Kate patterns are a great choice for beginning cross stitchers.  I plan to complete all the four designs in this Spring Smalls #190 pattern.  The DMC colors are 597, 413, 3865,can3834, 580, and 316.  Fabric  is 14 count Aida in antique white.  

Don't you just love the little house??

Happy stitching!